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Calving Pen
The Paysen Calving Pen is the bright star in the lineup with our famous automatic headgate in
the center.
Running cows or heifers into the pen is a one person job. The heavy duty construction allows for easy and safe operation and years of use. There are two sets of swinging split gates on each side of the headgate which allows for easy access to the cow as well as nursing calves. The standard configuration is 10' x 10'. However, the heavy duty 10' - 1 1/4" square tube side panels can be substituted with 12' panels to make a 10' by 12' pen.

Calf Tip Table
The Paysen Calf tip table is noted for its rugged construction and simple maintenace free design.
The design of Paysen's Calf Tip Table has evolved over the years, with developments spurred on by putting this unique piece of equipment to work, at both our own test ranch and from feedback from our customers. It features 2 headgates, an exact center of balance, easy access to the whole calf, and rugged Blue Steel construction. Our 2 headgate system allows you to use the table for right or left tipping, but more importantly, the unused headgate becomes a back gate. Experienced cattlemen will realize the benefit of this feature immediately, as many (or all) of their calves will try to back out - and fast! All of these features insure that the Paysen Calf Tip Table can be operated by one set of hands, not needing a whole crew. Paysen's premiere line of cattle handling equipment is designed by cattlemen for cattlemen.

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