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Paysen cattle squeeze and headgates.

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The Paysen Blue Steel Cattle Squeeze is noted for its rugged construction and simple low maintenance design.

Blue Steel Cattle Squeeze

Paysen squeeze

Cattle Squeezes
At a length of 8’9” and a height of 6’, and no taper in the belly, the “Blue Steel” squeeze can accommodate the largest animals. With its parallel axis action and no belly taper, there is no danger of the animal climbing the side panels. The parallel axis allows you a full 32” width in the open position to handle bulls, but also closes in tightly for 300
pound calves. The tailgate locks up or down, and is constructed of aluminum, light enough for anyone to operate, but as strong as a heavy steel one. The 3 topside access panels allow full access to the animals back, while the front panel opens to expose the neck area. The bottom side panels are heavy gauge steel, and are removable to allow leg and foot treatments, or to train calves.

Squeeze Options
Your “Blue Steel” Squeeze comes complete with 2 side exits, manual or auto headgate, and palp cage. The Paysen palp cage is built for rugged use, and the two locking gates swing both in or out. When ordered with your squeeze the palp cage is built onto the floor frame of the squeeze, giving you a perfect match. Rolling doors are built into their own frames and can be added any place that requires a gate. These rolling doors are heavy enough for any livestock. “A sturdy 1850 lbs. of “BLUE STEEL” squeeze will make it the last you’ll ever have to buy.”


Paysen headgate


Paysen Livestock manufactures three styles of headgate.
An automatic catching headgate, an automatic headgate with neck extender and a manual scissor style for horned cattle or bison.

Auto Head Gate
The Paysen auto head gate is one of the heaviest in the industry. It comes in it's own frame, with adjustable back stops that prevent the gates from swinging in too far. No chain or cable is used in the gate action, insuring safe and trouble free operation. Straight vertical, adjustable neck bars are used to eliminate the possibility of choking.

Manual Head Gate
The design of the Paysen manual head gate is a result of years of testing on livestock from cattle to bison. The scissor style design, straight neck bars and double ratchet lock system allows for a fully adjustable opening that can accommodate any size of animal. The spring loaded release allows for easy opening even under heavy pressure.

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