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Paysen crowding tub and adjustable alley system

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The Paysen Blue Steel Crowding tub and Adjustable alley are noted for their rugged construction and simple maintenance free design.

Paysen crowding tub system

Paysen's Crowding Tub

This crowding tub has evolved from several years use in the field. The tub can be set-up in four different configurations with right or left side entry. Our 4' access door is standard and makes loading out of the tub into a stock trailer or ramp for liners a snap. It's easy to see that the tub design came from cattlemen as it is up off the ground. This feature eliminates having to get into the tub with a pick and shovel. It allows for build-up of frozen materials in the winter, without interfering with the tub's operation. Our catwalk insures that using the tub is a one man operation. Silicone caulking on all sheeting and belting on the spring loaded swing gate latch keeps the noise level to a minimum.

Paysen's 10' and 16' Adjustable Alley

Paysen's alleys are designed to enhance the flow of cattle through the system. Our parallel axis action on the alley is the same as our squeeze and allows for a full 32" wide opening and a minimum of 18" giving you the ability to run cattle from bulls to calves easily through the system. The 10' sections allow for any configuration from an S to a U to straight. The 16' straight alley is our most popular as it allows for easy operation of the system for one or two people. Our catwalk system lets you follow the cattle from the entrance of the tub right through to the squeeze. The alleys are made of the same heavy materials we use on all our equipment.

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